The Best Value – Streaming Service

Whether you’re a movie buff, a series enthusiast, or just looking for the most bang for your buck, new research has discovered the best value streaming services, with Amazon Prime Video taking the top spot. Casino sweepstake comparison site, Casinos Sweeps, analyzed the monthly ad-free price of each streaming service, as well as the number of movies and TV shows each one offers as of May, 2024. They calculated how much each streaming service charges per media (movies and TV shows) to determine which ones are the best value.


  1. Amazon Prime Video ($0.0008 cost per media)
  2. Netflix ($0.0023)
  3. Peacock ($0.0024)
  4. Crunchyroll ($0.0044)
  5. Discovery ($0.0047)
  6. Max ($0.0050)
  7. Hulu ($0.0064)
  8. Disney ($0.0071)
  9. CuriosityStream ($0.0072)
  10. AMC Plus ($0.0076)
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