Taylor Swift’s Boyfriends Ranked

In a new study conducted by JeffBet, Harry Styles has been officially named Taylor Swift’s fifth most attractive ex-boyfriend, placing just before Matty Healy. Using data provided by an AI-based assessment tool, which evaluates individuals’ attractiveness by analyzing facial features via a Deep Neural Network, the study ranks every one of Swift’s ex-boyfriends from most to least attractive. Each ex was assigned a beauty score out of ten based on how conventionally attractive they are, according to three AI tools – and the results may shock you.


The overall ranking of each of Taylor Swift’s ex-boyfriends:


  1. Joe Jonas (9.27 score)
  2. Joe Alwyn (8.89)
  3. Calvin Harris (8.83)
  4. Taylor Lautner (8.42)
  5. Harry Styles (8.18)
  6. Matty Healy (7.93)
  7. Tom Hiddleston (7.76)
  8. Conor Kennedy (7.65)
  9. John Mayer (7.64)
  10. Jake Gyllenhaal (7.33)
  11. Lucas Till (7.25)
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