Utah Cares About the Oscars

In a study analyzing the trending topics and searches across the U.S. during the first month of 2024, research has found a fascinating revelation: a great number of states seem to care more about the glitz and glamour of the Academy Awards than the outcome of the next presidential election. The team at CasinoReviews.net embarked on a journey to explore whether the Oscars could outshine the event that shapes the nation’s future for the coming years. Surprisingly, it appears that Americans are more intrigued by the prospect of Oppenheimer winning Oscars than the return of Trump.


The study reveals that Nebraska, the District of Columbia, Wisconsin, New York, California, Utah, Tennessee, Connecticut, Maryland and Colorado are the top 10 states most captivated by the Academy Awards, whose search for the term “Oscars” notably beat the “Presidential Elections.” One might expect California, the very home of the Oscars with the iconic Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, to top the list, but it seems the magic of the Oscars has cast its spell far and wide.


These states not only lead in Oscars’ fascination but also display a lessened interest in the Presidential Elections. We wholeheartedly support the residents of these states who have a soft spot for witnessing Scorsese vs. Nolan rather than Trump vs. Haley.


  1. Nebraska (74% Oscars Interest) 26% Elections Interest
  2. District of Columbia (70%) 30%
  3. Wisconsin (67%) 33%
  4. New York (66%) 34%
  5. California (65%) 35%
  6. Utah (65%) 35%
  7. Tennessee (65%) 35%
  8. Connecticut (64%) 36%
  9. Maryland (64%) 36%
  10. Colorado (64%) 36%

On the flip side, our study identifies the top 10 states where the elections take precedence over the Oscars. These states include Wyoming, New Hampshire, Alabama, Kansas, Arkansas, South Dakota, Kentucky, Idaho, Louisiana, and North Dakota. We can’t help but notice the uncanny similarity between Kansas and Arkansas, both sharing a 56% interest in the Elections. As for the Dakotas, well, let’s just remember the famous quote of Monica from Friends about the Dakotas and leave it to that.


  1. Wyoming (71% Election Interest) 29% Oscars Interest
  2. New Hampshire (58%) 42%
  3. Alabama (57%) 43%
  4. Kansas (56%) 44%
  5. Arkansas (56%) 44%
  6. South Dakota (55%) 45%
  7. Kentucky (55%) 45%
  8. Idaho (55%) 45%
  9. Louisiana (53%) 47%
  10. North Dakota (51%) 49%
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