What nickname do Utah couples use most?

(LaRae) Someone put together a list of the most common nicknames that couples use in each state. They analyzed tweets to see which terms of endearment were being used the most for every state.  I have never been a fan of calling my husband anything other than “dillhole”, but apparently the rest of the country is using cute and endearing nicknames.  Honestly, if my husband called me any of these it would make my skin crawl.  I don’t know why but I’ve never been a fan of the use of cute and sweet nicknames by couples.

Apparently “cutie” gets used by 9 states and Utah is one of them.  Do you call your significant other cutie?  Do you not use anything?

Other popular names were:

“Shorty” – 8 states

“Baby Daddy” –  5 states

“Bae” – 5 states

“Boo” –  4 states

“Sweetie” – 4 states

“Hubby” – 4 states

“Wifey” –  3 states

“Baby Girl” –  2 states

“Sugar Daddy” – 2 states

“Hunk”, “Dearest”, “My Boy”, and “Sweet Cakes”  – 1 state


Link to Crossword-Solver article: Click HERE



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