What’s under that mask?

I finally DID it!  I got my nose pierced.  Months ago we did the “Monday Flip” and it said “no” to the nose piercing, but I was ready. Welcome 2021!  The worst thing about getting your nose pierced during the pandemic is you have to wear a mask over it.  There are a couple of reasons that it is no bueno.  Number one…no one can see your new piercing.  Number two…your mask harbors so much bacteria from breathing in it.  Gotta be extra diligent to keep my piercing clean.

I chose to pierce the left side.  I read some articles about how the left side is believed to help with menstruation pain and childbirth pain.  From what I read it’s all just really a personal choice.

Before you ask about the pain….I have a high pain tolerance.  I am not really good to ask about this.  I found it odd feeling as my piercer pushed through the cartilage, but not painful.  My eyes didn’t even water which is a common reflex because of the nerves in the nose.  I did get a little light headed and subtle cold sweats a couple of minutes after, almost like a delayed “shock” reaction.  Just had a sucker and felt great.  Definitely choose someone who is experienced and who you are comfortable with.  I chose a woman who has done a few of my tattoos and who I trust.

I guess at 47, you’re never too old to do something fun!

I’d love to hear about your piercings and you’re experience with them.



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