You’re Not Alone

Dustin BrockBank was the oldest of 4 kids, raised in Utah. Served a 6 month mission for his church in France when he was diagnosed bipolar. He came home early & his Grandmother who he was incredibly close to- passed away a few days before Christmas. He wrote this song in memory of her, a true Angel on earth, and it was played at her funeral.
Dustin passed away soon after his Grandmother at the age of 23- (of a drug overdose in efforts to dull his pain of bipolar/depression) This song was played at Dustin’s funeral as the family released lavender balloons into the sky. He was a true Angel on earth as well, always sitting with the special needs kids at lunch in high school & reaching out to those in need. He was a very talented musician & played only by ear. He played drums, piano, guitar, harmonica & was a beautiful singer.
To all those struggling around the holidays, missing loved ones- you’re not alone. This song was written & sung by Dustin, and he’s also playing the Drums & Guitar. So it’s all him!
Planet 105.1 would like to thank Dustin’s family for sharing his story and his music.  May this song and his story be a blessing to all who hear it.

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