I “Mustache” you a question…

It was several weeks ago that I found out how opposed to growing a mustache Lukas was.  It quickly became a no brainer to do on our Monday Flip. Lukas was whining and carrying on about not wanting to have to have a mustache when he went to a pickle ball tournament in California.  For my own sanity and well-being I chose to not go through with it before his tournament. I honestly didn’t want to listen to all the whining and crying that I know I would undoubtedly have had to endure.  On Monday it was time.  We did a double quarter flip.  First flip to determine if he had to keep it 2 weeks or 4 weeks.  Second flip to determine if he had to even do it or not.  First flip came up 2 weeks.  Second flip came up “no”.  What?!?!  The quarter has only ever came up no one other time…when I wanted a nose ring.  Now, the quarter fails me again.  As I type this I am still trying to process how the quarter let me down.

Join us next Monday as Lukas decides my fate with the flip of a quarter….



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