Lukas isn’t foolin’ anyone!

Lukas thinks he’s fooling our listeners, but I can assure him you are far too smart to be fooled by his actions.  Lukas took the opportunity with “The Monday Flip” to make sure he made me super uncomfortable with the things I had to do.  Singing on the air and a 3 minute stand up comedy routine.  Now that I have found something that makes him super uncomfortable he is doing everything he can to talk me out of it.

On this weeks Monday Flip the quarter was deciding my fate.  Lukas has suddenly backed off on making me uncomfortable and gave me some choices about what we would flip for.  I chose the Yearbook or old note from high school boyfriend option.  We then flipped the quarter to see if I would have to share that on the air or not.  The quarter said, “Yes.”  I will share this Wednesday at 9:05 a.m.

While I appreciate his kindness, I hope he realizes that I will still be making him flip next Monday for a mustache or not…..Hey, the quarter could always go his way.

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