Goonies Never Say Die!

This week on the “Monday Flip” it was Lukas’ turn for the quarter to decide if he would go out of his comfort zone or not.  All weekend he has been nervous and even had a nightmare over the weekend about what I would come up with.  After making me sing on the show last week, he knows that I will get even.  Let’s just say that part of the revenge is watching him sweat in anticipation about what I will come up with.  I want to keep that anticipation building, so this week we simply flipped to see if he had to watch Goonies or not.  When he was 12 he and a buddy went to the theater to see Goonies and they walked out after 15 minutes. He’s never watched it.  Now, he will have to watch the whole movie.  Which by the way isn’t really a punishment.  Goonies is epic!

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