You know she can’t sing, right?

The Monday Flip with Lukas and LaRae in the Morning!  We flipped the quarter on Monday and now I will be singing on the morning show.  This is a really bad idea.  I am 80% deaf in my left ear.  I can’t find the beat.  Don’t hear pitch.   I’m tone deaf.  I am that singer that ends up on American Idol that everyone makes fun of.  Clearly Lukas does not understand the objective of radio….keep the listeners listening.  Ummm…..I can hear the crickets now.  To say that I will be out of my comfort zone is an understatement.  To all of you who may listen….I sincerely apologize and this is Lukas’ fault!

If you missed me singing and for whatever reason want to know just how bad I am….feel free to listen below. (You’ve been warned that my singing is VERY BAD!  Listen at your own risk)

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