Team Edward!

OH MY GOODNESS!  I was so excited to learn that Stephenie Meyer will be releasing “Midnight Sun”.  I honestly had forgotten about it.  Why?  Remember when it got leaked and Stephenie was so heartbroken and basically told us that she didn’t think she’d ever finish writing it.   Well, I gave up.  I kissed that story good-bye.  I buried it deep down so as to be forgotten.  Then it happened…as I sat doing my morning show on May 4th a friend messaged me on Facebook with the scoop!  What?!?! Was this a bad joke? No, it really is happening.  Stephenie said so herself on GMA.

I don’t even know what to do with this information.  Do I read the series over for the umpteenth time to prepare for August 4th?  Do I watch all of the movies again? Do I do all of the above?   Back in the day, I would broadcast live at midnight from Barnes and Noble on book release dates for the Twilight series releases…do we do that again?  If we throw a Midnight Sun release party will anyone come? Is anyone else as excited as I am to read this book?  These are the questions circling in my mind.  One thing I do know, is that my family better be prepared to eat cereal for dinner beginning August 4th because this Twilight Loving Momma is gonna be with Edward once again.

Team Edward!

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