ICYMI: Food that Broke the Internet this Week

Food!  Who doesn’t love it….especially this time of the year when your social media feed if filled with diet and workout ads (Why do those ads make me hungry?)  This week there were some winners in the food department when it comes to a viral run.  In case you missed it:  We give you the Egg and The Bucket!

The Egg that Broke the Internet

Kylie Jenner at the 2018 MTV Video Music Awards

Kylie Jenner has held the Instagram record for the most liked post with her baby’s birth announcement.  The post had been like 18.2 million times! But, that record has now fallen.   Please meet the newest “most-liked” Instagram celebrity!


In some way, this egg getting 18.23 million likes (as of the morning of 1/14/2019) makes me feel a little better about the world.  It should also make you think twice about what a “like” actually means on Instagram.

I’ll Take the Bucket of Mac ‘n Cheese

American mac and cheese, macaroni pasta with cheesy sauce

The internet found out this week that Costco sells a 27-pound bucket of Macaroni and Cheese that has a 20 year shelf-life…….Hello, food storage!  It’s not a joke and the item actually flew off the shelves once it made the rounds on social media.  The product isn’t new to Costco, but thanks to the power of sharing, this vat of Mac ‘n Cheese goodness became an internet sensation overnight.

If your local Costco is out of it, have no fear…..it will be back and it doesn’t go bad.

I guess we know what you are serving at the Superbowl Party………for the next 10 years!

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