We Crowned Another Summit Rockstar!

We wrapped up our Summit Rock hunt this year with an EPIC single day hunt on Saturday, November 17th!  From the Lava Flow Trail, to Crosby Confluence Park and then finally the Mayor’s Loop trail just north of the Pilot truck stop in Bloomington.  While Colleen stayed in the studio with Rockstars Sadie Best & Tai Murray deciphering the clues, Matt hit the streets handing out prizes to all our Planet listeners!  For the record…..We had it CORRECT!  If you listened to Planet you were so close to the rock!

Nick and Nicole McArthur were in just the right place north of the Pilot truck stop Saturday when Nick flipped over the elusive Summit Rock.  He was sporting his Summit Rock t-shirt and quickly realized he was a ROCKSTAR with $10,000 in his pocket!  CONGRATS to the McArthur family!  We can’t wait for next year!

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