Useless Information You NEED to Know!


  • New parents will spend an average of 45 hours choosing a newborn child’s name
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  • Ten percent of us have been dumped by a partner in a car.
  • According to a survey, over half of women take off their shoes when they get to their seat at the movies. (Hope they don’t put them on the ground)
  • Ten percent of men have the disability of colorblindness.
  • 75% of raisins are eaten at breakfast time.
  • A Cosmopolitan web poll found 65% of guys have daydreamed at some point about their wedding day.
  • A study conducted recently shows that half of us don’t really want to do answer the door when we are at home.
  • According to a recent survey, the average age we get our first pet is 11.
  • 70% of 5-year-olds can operate a computer mouse, but only 10% can tie their shoe.
  • According to Women’s Health, the coolest thing your dad taught you to do was fix things.
  • According to USA Today, most of us have at least ten t-shirts and on average 465 million are made each year.
  • According to USA Today, over 55,000 people in the U.S. are injured by jewelry each year.
  • A recent survey found, the top 3 things that annoy people most at the beach are smokers, loud kids, and people who wear suits that don’t fit.
  • The average voicemail message lasts 22 seconds, and just about everybody in America has one.
  • According to a recent study, more than 20% of Americans couldn’t pass a written driver’s test that they were forced to perform when they were younger.
  • A recent survey found 50% of women admit their husband is a better cook than they are.
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