LoveLoud Music Festival in SLC

Colleen and her family went to the LoveLoud Music festival in Salt Lake City this weekend and to say it was AWESOME…..would be an understatement!  The performances were on-point!  The vibe was positive, uplifting and loving!  It was a great night that her kids will not soon forget! Actually, Colleen is in trouble because it was her kids’ first concert.  They even met Grace Vanderwaal up close and personal!

LoveLoud is the brain child of Imagine Dragons lead singer, Dan Reynolds, a Utah native.  This year over $1,000,000 was raised to support LGBTQ groups working to curb the suicide rate of youth in Utah.  If you want more info on LoveLoud and their message of love and youth suicide prevention you can check it out here.  This is one not to miss next year!

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