Five Questions for Colleen & Buckner

Colleen LOVES food!

What’s the dumbest way you’ve been injured?

Colleen:  Just this past October, I was walking into my bathroom to pee before going to bed.  I tripped over my black goldendoodle, catching my pinky toe on the door.  I immediately knew that my toe was broken.  It was spiral fractured and I couldn’t run for SIX WEEKS!!!  SIX WEEKS!  It was SOOOOOO stupid!

Buckner has always wanted to be a cowboy!

Buckner:  I broke my thumb rollerblading at the skate park Yes, I’m 39 and I still Rollerblade at the skate park, LOL.

Serious question, do you count your steps?

Colleen:  Ummm……Yes!  Every step….every day.  Does that make me weird?

Many times you can find Colleen in Porta-Potties across Southern Utah!

Buckner:  I do not count my steps…seriously who does this…..Colleen is weird!

What’s something we would never guess about you?

Colleen:  I never in my life thought I would ever be on the radio.  I studied Political Science, worked for a Utah Senator in Washington, DC and was a paralegal.  Radio was never part of the plan……….but look at me now!  Life is awesome!

Buckner is always monkeying around!

Buckner:  I once hot air ballooned over France. It was my mom’s Idea. We ate french bread and cheese during the flight. Seriously this happened!

What’s are your nicknames?

Colleen:  My entire life I’ve been called Neen.  Apparently when I was little I couldn’t say my whole name so I called myself by this shortened version.  This one is only used by close family members.  In high school my “friends” called me Weinee….Like Colleeny Weinee.  When I worked at a law firm in Washington,DC my attorney called me Colin (unlike colon…..Bahahaha).  What’s funny is that name has resurfaced here at Planet 94.1!

Colleen blows terrible bubbles!

Buckner:  Buckner, Homescratch, EHolms

Is a hot dog a sandwich?  Why?

Colleen:  Two pieces of bread-like substance, meat in the middle….That’s a sandwich.  What else could it be?

This was Buckner’s actual High School yearbook photo!

Buckner:   Its a sandwich….why? because its between 2 pieces of bread…call it a bun…but whats bun made out of? Yeah, bread…nuff said!

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