Men and Women’s Favorite Colors

Most of us have a favorite color, and chances are pretty good that yours is blue. Both men and woman rate it as their number one color. That’s the word from University of Maryland sociologist Philip Cohen, who surveyed 1,974 men and women asking them to choose their favorite color from this list: purple, blue, green, yellow, orange, red or pink. Cohen revealed the results by gender to Life’s Little Mysteries, which is part of

Men’s favorite colors:

  1. Blue: 43 percent
  2. Green: 25 percent
  3. Purple: 12 percent
  4. Red: 8 percent
  5. Orange: 7 percent
  6. Yellow: 5 percent
  7. Pink: 1 percent

Women’s favorite colors:

  1. Blue: 29 percent
  2. Purple: 27 percent
  3. Green: 19 percent
  4. Red: 9 percent
  5. Pink: 7 percent
  6. Yellow: 6 percent
  7. Orange: 3 percent
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