Is Lukas Romantic?

Every Monday “Lukas and LaRae in the Morning” flip a quarter on the “Monday Flip”. On Monday it was Lukas’ turn to find out what he would be doing outside of his comfort zone.  We actually did a double flip!  The first flip decided if it was going to be eating an oreo with a dill pickle slice OR writing a romantic love letter to his wife.  The quarter chose the love letter.  We then flipped to see if he would have to write the letter or not.  Here is the romantic letter that Lukas wrote his wife….what do you think? Romantic or not?


Your hair is like spaghetti in the wind, your eyes are like moon beams.  Twenty-five years is a long time, but being with you only seems like 2.5 years.  You have been with me through thick and thin, I can’t believe you have stuck this out! I am lost without you, I’m so happy you chose to settle with me!  I love you and love how you make me feel. Thank you for being my wife, it has been a wonderful life! I’ll write another romantic love letter in another 25 years. Happy Anniversary, I love you!



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