The Monday Flip

Lukas and LaRae in the Morning flip a coin every Monday.  It’s called the “Monday Flip” and is based off of research that says that people who flip a coin to make life decisions are happier 6 months later.  It takes us out of our comfort zone and helps us make decisions that we are on the fence about.

So far this is what has been flipped for and the outcomes:

Lukas:  Flipped a coin to determine if he had to join a Facebook group of people acting like ants and living in an Ant Colony.  Lukas is still a member of the colony.

LaRae: Flipped a coin to determine if she had to watch Napoleon Dynamite.  A movie she has avoided for years. LaRae is now hungry for Tater Tots and can say she has seen it.

Lukas:  Flipped a coin to see if he would take on LaRae or his son at Phat Axe.  Lukas didn’t think he would like axe throwing.  Lukas and his son are now ready to compete regularly in axe throwing and had a lot of fun.

LaRae: Flipped a coin to see if she would pierce her nose or not.  The coin has spoken and LaRae’s nose is safe this week.

Next Monday it’s Lukas’ turn and LaRae plans to reach out to his wife and see if there is anything special she would like to see Lukas challenged with.  Please feel free to make suggestions as well.

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