What Does Your Inbox Say About Your Personality?

Colleen made a shocking discovery this week on The Best Morning Show on the Planet!  We all know that Colleen and Buckner are pretty different from each other.  Colleen is an on-time…scheduled…Type-A personality.  Buckner on the other hand goes with the flow without a care in the world.  When Colleen asked Buckner if he had received an email that she had sent him about the show the day before, he said he hadn’t seen it.  And no wonder he didn’t see it……He has over 8000 emails in his inbox!  EIGHT THOUSAND!!!


Colleen’s inbox has FAR fewer (and that still gives her anxiety).

Colleen couldn’t leave this alone and went on-air with The Best Morning Show on the Planet listeners to see what their inboxes looked like.  You guys……there are two types of people in this world……The Buckners and The Colleens! Which one are you?

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